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A career development program that prepares you for campus recruitment

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Meet Your Peer Community

How does it work?

Each project takes 4 steps.

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Complete 3 projects.

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Earn your certificate and badge 🥇

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Level up your job search

Get Recognized

Work through the Firstly curriculum to distinguish yourself when applying to internships and jobs

Expand your Network

Connect with mentors from a diverse pool of companies to help you get ahead of the recruiting curve

Find your Path

Discover the right career for you with unfiltered insights from real professionals

Access whenever, wherever

Join from Anywhere

A virtual program for you to connect with peers and mentors from outside of your university

Start Anytime

We run cohorts every two weeks so you can plan ahead on when you can commit

Self-paced Program

Work through our career development curriculum at your own speed

Personalized for your needs

Dedicated Mentor

Work together with a real-life professional to accomplish career milestones

Relevant Matching

We match you with a mentor based on your personal values, identities, and communities

Office Hours

Pop in during office hours to ask your questions free from judgment so you can get unstuck faster

Mentors Who Get You

Try out the Firstly experience 🌱

Questions & Answers

The Firstly program is a series of 2-week projects that get you ready to land your dream internship or job! Get started by signing up and completing your profile. After joining, mentees can start a 2-week project with a specific goal, such as revamping your resume or gaining interview skills. The Firstly team will host office hours and facilitate peer socials throughout our participation in the program and community. Over the course of the 2 weeks, mentees are assigned a mentor, who will help them virtually. If you have a good relationship with your mentor, you can choose to continue working with them

The Firstly program is designed for college students who are figuring out their careers. You do not need to have any experience to apply. We're here to help you take the first step. We accept students (and recent graduates) from all years, majors, and stages in your career journey.

We match mentees with mentors every week. There's no better time to apply than now!

The program is self-paced, and you can choose when to sign up for 2-week mentor projects. To earn the Firstly certificate, you must complete 3 projects, which is 6 weeks in total.

Create your account and submit your mentee profile to get started! Sign up now to get your match in a few days.

Typically, mentees will be matched with a mentor in under 1 week. However, sometimes there are delays when a lot of mentees apply at the same time. We appreciate your patience, and if you are ever wondering your status, you can email: